Make the most of those computers. Install software that can help you track where you bought those CDs, where you sold them, and how much you sold them for. There are software that can help you with your inventory. You can also use the internet to search for other suppliers and to check out the competition. Advertising can also be maximized by setting up a webpage of all the CDs you have available. Remember that ecommerce can add to your client base.This is the easiest type of distribution to start. You can sell these products to local supermarkets and convenience stores in your city or town. Getting the products is very easy and there are good profit margins in all these kind of products. You can visit your local cash and carry to get many of these items or go to a local trade show.We attended a fundraiser chili supper and auction for the Morgan County, Indiana 4-H Horse and Pony Club last weekend and we bought several nice items from there. I got a really nice rug and blanket (or throw) for the home. I also got my daughter a halter for her pony and a few other small items. We also enrolled my youngest (age 13) in the group. I believe that she will learn a lot and I know that 4-H is a good program.So, if you want to be successful, you must continually improve your skills, your habits, your attitudes and your mindsets. That’s something that only a handful of sales people actually understand.Let’s talk about the compensation plan. There are two ways to earn in Abunza; you’ll have to become either a wholesale or retail distributor. In case of a hvac supply, your job is quite simple. You’ll be paid directly by the customer by their credit cars and the commission is yours. People will just enter your store buy the product and leave and finished. The money is yours.The retailers are the high end money makers. You can either form your own tier or work as an individual for the company and the commission you’ll receive will be breath taking so get ready and read this carefully. As a retailer you get to earn the amount, earned by people toiling for a year!